Making sharing easier.

I am sure you will have noticed that more and more business’s are using Facebook, Twitter and Google as marketing tools. Social network sites are like marmite, but there are plenty of people out there who love them. 

I can set up Facebook, Twitter or/and Google page for you business. With a link from your website to your Social network page, to promote. Its a great way to keep your customers informed, with latest news, special offers and new photos. 

Here are a few companies I have set up facebook pages for, see how they use them and how useful a tool they are…

Cinque Ports Vets | They use Twitter, Facebook & You Tube: 

Cinque Ports Vets have a Facebook, Twitter and You Tube account where they post Lost and Found Pets, Promotions, Opening times and much more….

Take a look…

Cinque Ports Vets Cares

Milbourn Equine Twitter:

Milbourn Equine have a Twitter feed on their home page as below. 

They Simply post to their Facebook page which automatically posts to the Twitter page and then pops up on their Home page as below.. A very useful tool.

They also have a facebook Page

Milbourn Equine | 

Trakehners UK 

Trakehners UK have nearly 1.9k followers on Facebook, do I need to say any more…. 

As you can see its worth every penny….